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Miscellaneous Information:
  Academic Qualifications :
  • Bachelor of Economics (University Malaya)
  • Master in Development Administration (Western Michigan University, USA)
  • PhD (University Malaya)
  Research Interests :
  • Public Administration and Ethics
  Recent Research Outcomes Three most recent :
  • Initiatives to Enhance Accountability and Transparency in the Malaysian Public Sector: An Analysis
  • Laporan Akhir Kajian Persepsi Belia Bekerja di Selangor Terhadap Bajet 2013
  • Bajet 2013: Persepsi Belia Bekerja di Selangor Terhadap Kesan dan Impaknya Dalam Pilihan raya Umum ke 13
  • E-Government in Evolution: An Evaluation Survey of Government Websites.
  Currently Teaching Courses/Programs:
  • Industrial Relations (Bachelors)
  • Ethics and Integrity in Administration (Masters)
  Teaching Experience :
  • Tertiary : 27 years.
  Administrative Responsibilities:
  • Head of Centre of Studies (Postgraduate)