This 3 year programme is designed to provide professional training in the field of corporate administration. This multidisciplinary, integrated and practical programme will place graduates ahead in the practice. An experienced team of lecturers will provide guidance in the field.

Graduate can be employed as Company Secretaries, Compliance Officers, Finance Officers, other management position and can be self-employed as professionals entrepreneurs.

Hands-on and rigorous training especially for Company Secretarial Practice course and facilities like multimedia computer laboratory, simulation room for board meeting, library with online database and internet access are used in the course of training future corporate leaders.

The Job Market

  • Over 700,000 companies
  • 150,000 company secretaries
  • Less than 10% Bumiputra Company Secretaries
  • Limitless opportunities for well trained and ambitious Bumiputra graduates

Entry Requirements

Diploma from UiTM in Public Administration, Business Studies, Accounting and Banking with a CGPA of at least 2.5 or equivalent (exemptions may be granted for the 1st year of the programme).


  • Recognized by JPA as an honours degree
  • Graduates with relevant working experience are eligible for: - MACS membership (automatically qualify o act as company secretary) - License to act secretary from Companies Commission of Malaysia
  • Exemptions in the ICSA-IQS examinations, only required to pass the last four (4) papers.


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