Entry Requirements

Applicants must have a recognized honours degree in Administration, Management or other related disciplines with a minimum Cumulative. Grade Points Average (CGPA) of 2.75 or equivalent and have attended an interview with the Faculty Postgraduate Committee. Application must be accompanied by a written research proposal in the required format.

Duration of study

Full-Time          : 1 - 3 years (3 - 6 Semester)

Part- Time        : 2 - 4 years (4 - 8 semester)


Areas of Research

Administrator Modernization, Organisational Culture, Change Management, Business Process Reengineering, Quality Studies, Knowledge, E-Goverment & E-Governance, Technology Policy and Administrator, Technology Adoption, Social Marketing, Social Informatics, Strategic Management of Public Sector, Corporate Governance, International Relations, Malaysian Politics, ASEAN Studies and Local Government.

The above listed are only an indicative list of areas that can be offered. Inter disciplinary research can be accommodated given UiTM's vast resource in 24 growing faculties.

Requirements for the Research Degree

All postgraduate candidates are required to attends courses in research Methodology and Thesis Writing & Presentation Skills course organized by the Institute of Graduate Studies or equivalent courses by the Faculty.

All postgraduate are also required to submit a dissertation not exceeding 60,000 word on an approved area of study under supervision of a faculty member which meets member which meets the academic standars of rigour and pass a viva voce.