5th Asean Future Leaders Summit (Afles '17)
Venue: UiTM Shah Alam, USM, UUM, Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT), most of the states in Peninsular Malaysia, Prince of Songkhla (PSU)Hatyai, Hatyai and Phatthalung Province, Thailand.
Date: 31 July 2017 - 13 August 2017

The 5th ASEAN Future Leaders Summit (AFLES 2017) was the best program I have ever joined. I joined an International Asean Dialogue as a committee, but being a delegate is the best experience and opportunity for me as I gained a lot of things from AFLES. Never thought that i am being selected to represent UiTM Campus Seremban 3 and also represents Malaysia with other 26 Malaysian delegates from different campus of UiTM. I love to join this program as it focus on building leadership, creating university networking across the Asean region and nurturing friendship by doing the activities together among students, committees and community. It was such an amazing platform for me to have exposure towards the real world and various benefits of joining an International program. After this program ends, I do not know whether we can meet again in the future. Those 14 days at various places in Malaysia and hatyai, Thailand was really strengthen our bonds as all delegates from 10 Asean Countries and Pakistan get along in everything we did during the program.  I have a faith and believes that nothing is impossible, and because of AFLES, I get the best opportunity ever to meet new people what I called them as friends and even best friend until this day. Hopefully we can become a good leader for our country and ASEAN as well. I gained the high confident level as I volunteered myself to do some of presentation in front of other people, listened to their ideas and give suggestions too. Somehow, my team and i won the third place in Presentation of Community Service in Malaysia. As a good leader, we must walk with other by side to side and not only be at the front. Right now I am the Vice President of Students Association of South East Asia (SASEA) Club in my university, and committee of other clubs as well. Hopefully I can bring values from this program back to my university, influence and share with others on how to become a good leader for a better future.

Thank you so much to everyone who are involved directly and indirectly for this program. I believe that AFLES will always conduct in the future. Thank you Prof. Dr. Posiah for gave me the chance to join this program and for let us know about this amazing program. Also not to forget the hardworking committee from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and Prince pf Songkhla (PSU) Thailand who assist us throughout the program. Till we meet again (I would love to join AFLES again in the future). Thank you so much for everything ?✨