Assalamualaikum Wrt. Wbt. and Greetings.

Welcome to UiTM, Faculty of Administrative Science & Policy Studies  (FSPPP)’swebsite. We appreciate your interest and invite you to explore our offerings. FSPPP was established on 15th January 2004, upon the approval of the Ministry of Education for its separation from the Faculty of Administration and Law. The separation results to two separate faculties, Faculty of Administrative Science & Policy Studies (FSPPP) and Faculty of Law.

The faculty offers 7 programmes at the undergraduate, postgraduate and professional level. We are proud to share the success of the faculty in producing graduates that meets the market in various sectors be it public, private and NGOs. We are committed to be a leading faculty in education, research and community service in administrative and political science. The programmes at FSPPP are designed to ensure that you will acquire not only skills, competencies and analytical insights, but also an approach to administration that places importance on quality, values, intuition, compassion and a commitment to making a difference.

You may be visiting our website as a potential undergraduate, graduate or Ph.D. student.  You may be here too as a recruiter, an alumnus or to learn more about the Faculty.  In any event, welcome.  We look forward to the continued growth of our programs in administrative science, corporate administration and policy studies, and to the development of new ones. I invite you to explore the faculty’s web site, and to e-mail, telephone, fax or write to us on matters that interest you.

Make FSPPP as your first choice - the right faculty at the right place and at the right time.

"We are committed to giving you value for your money and time. Our programmes are Professional, Rewarding and Personally Satisfying."