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The Dean is the highest position in the faculty and plays a very significant role to lead and direct the organization and all the different programs it has towards achieving goals and aspirations of the university and the faculty.

In addition, senior leadership in the faculty represents the faculty's top management comprised the Dean, Deputy Dean (Academic), Deputy Dean (Industry, Community & Alumni Network) as well as Deputy Dean (Student Affairs).

The Faculty Academic Board (Lembaga Akademik Fakulti - LAF) is the highest policy making body and guardian of the academic endeavor of the faculty. The Dean chairs this board and meets at least once a month. The LAF consists of: The Dean, Deputy Deans, Heads of Program, Professor (not more than three), Associate Professor (four persons) and Assistant Registrar.

Besides LAF, several establishment exist to help the faculty and the academic programmes sustain effectiveness and efficiency. For the AM228 and AM225, the Head of Programmes serves as the custodian of the programme and deals with matter pertaining to requirements that need to be met by lecturers and students.